Temperablock on paper and water tape

Is from portsbra with ay very striking graphic design_
Yu can atchley read it if yu start from the top right cornr and real leftwards_
There are a bunch of pictograms and symbols in ther some of which
came into bein in this very painting! There are mostly tits and tetris bricks though_
There is also a lot of writing on the floors oov the mase_
If it were seen from the top these rightings would been sucked to the wall
but this is a Picture and yu can do all sorta strange shit in the Todimenshunal domain_
I cudd for example tell yu its seen from the top AND NOTTE at the same time
and yudd just have to live with it!! :::)
There is ay shout out to ANNI LNNX in ther_
I wud not have done this peice without yor contribushun ANNI I love you very much!
The three dots in th e bottom left cornr of the donut hole:
If it had been ay year ago it wud have ment shine the surroundin area
with a secret agent marker or other YUVE emitting device_
Now Im not so sure_
I think three dudes_
Theres a dude in a container of some sort
in the upper midl extreme left area_
In iddle right most is the driver with this big brain behind him_
There is in some othr univers ay teacherf with this print_

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